"I have always kind of trained all my life, but with taking the lead for this movie (Deadman Running) I had to be muscular and look fit enough to smash through brick walls. I've never done anything as intense as when I trained with Kris Cann - "the man" got me in shape in 6 weeks no question". Tamar Hassan - Hollywood and UK actor

Losing Weight in Bournemouth

 Losing Weight in Bournemouth – 7 Easy Tips



The above pictures show some results for a couple of my clients last year, just 3 months of eating well and exercising can make a massive difference. Follow my blog and tips and you could soon be posting up your own awesome results.


My last blog gave you seven tips for losing fat, and to help you out a bit more, below are seven simple tips to help you with losing weight in Bournemouth and Poole this year. 


1. Remove temptation – unless you are super determined and have the will power of a Tibetan monk, getting rid of anything in your house that is going to throw you off course is going to be a massive help. Out of sight out of mind – if it’s not in the house you have to go out and get whatever treat it is you are craving, making it more difficult to cheat.


2. Eliminate fizzy drinks (including diet options), shop bought juices and sports drinks. You are drinking extra calories and often artificial nutrients. These drinks also often contain sugars that are linked toward fat storage. If you want to learn more check out Dr Robert Lustig’s documentary on YouTube “Sugar the bitter truth”. Drink water nothing else and help to tip the scales in your favour.

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3. Don’t starve by more than 500 calories under what you need  – I have helped so many clients lose weight in Bournemouth over the last 15 years and one of the most common observations I have made is that when people eat too little food they often don’t actually lose any weight. Overly restrictive diets simply do not work long-term. Find out your adjusted basal metabolic rate(just Google BMR calculator) – the amount of calories you need to survive and function for your normal daily routine. Make sure you include all exercise and activity – the calculator usually asks for low, moderate, high or very high – be honest – this number will help you to really lose weight in the long-term. You should aim to lose 1 KG or approximately 2 lbs each week.


4. Always eat breakfast – the people who “can’t stomach breakfast” are often the people who have a big stomach, it’s true there is plenty of research out there providing evidence that people who skip breakfast are often overweight. This could be due to eating later in the day slowing the metabolic rate through lack of food energy, it could be due to making poor choices mid morning when you are at work, running late or feeling stressed out. Eat breakfast but avoid eating highly sugared and sweetened cereals – if cereal is your thing go for whole grain.

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5. Exercise – this one sounds obvious and whilst it is from a calorie burning point of view, but there are other benefits. People who take regular exercise will have a faster metabolic rate vs people who do not, meaning that controlling weight is much easier if you exercise.  A less obvious benefit highlighted by Dr Robert Lustig, suggests that after exercise we are less likely to reach for comfort food as the happy hormone release caused by exercise reduces our stress hormones making impulse I’m stressed I’m going to have a Snickers type behavior less likely. Personally I know that on days when I train I am far less likely to make poor food choices than I am on days when I don’t exercise.



6. Plan your weekly meals and cook real food – The NHS Choices website reviews 10 popular diets giving pro’s and con’s for each. Check it out before you start a new diet. http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/loseweight/Pages/top-10-most-popular-diets-review.aspx 


7. Stick to your plan – the biggest reason people fail on diets is that the calorie restrictions and limitations of the diet they have chosen are unrealistic – the truth is to lose weight will take time but the positive is that time passes very quickly. Using the lose 1 kg a week plan you should be aiming to drop two stone in around 11 to 12 weeks – that’s a huge change in only a 3 months. Be patient – some times it will take three or four weeks before you see much change. The chances are that if you are carrying too much weight by more than around two stone, that it may take a while for your body and metabolism to adjust. Be strong stick to your guns and you will end up lighter.


Look out for more of my blogs to help you along the way with your fitness goals. Whatever you choose to do with regard to eating, whichever diet you pick – make sure it is healthy and provides you with nutrients you need. Losing, becoming and maintaining your ideal weight is not just for January it is for life, long-term change needs long term changes.


If you missed last months blog there are seven great fat loss tips that will help you with your weight loss quest. http://www.kriscannpersonaltraining.co.uk/fat-loss-bournemouth/


That’s me over and out – until next time – stay fit, healthy and make your goals happen. 



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