"I have always kind of trained all my life, but with taking the lead for this movie (Deadman Running) I had to be muscular and look fit enough to smash through brick walls. I've never done anything as intense as when I trained with Kris Cann - "the man" got me in shape in 6 weeks no question". Tamar Hassan - Hollywood and UK actor


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Natalie Bee – 3 x World Kickboxing Champion

natalie bee

Thanks to Kris Cann pushing me to and past my limits I am now proudly 3 times Professional Full Contact World Kickboxing Champion and have fulfilled a life long ambition.

Kris has been my strength and conditioning coach for my last two fights and has helped me produce two career best performances. With Kris’s hard work and patience I completed and won unanimously a 12 round unification world title bout in September. I was up against a legend in the sport and had to drop a weight class for the first time in 3 years.

Kris designed a 12 week training regime which tested and motivated me. We went through 3 different phases over 4 week periods, progressively pushing me to the max (which I love) at the right time to peak for the fight.

Kris not only helped me physically but also mentally and I truly believe I could not have achieved this level of performance without him.

I also struggled with my weight in the last 5 weeks before the fight – Kris knew who to talk to and put me onto his friend and colleague Greame Marsh a highly qualified nutritional coach and performance advisor who helped me via email whilst working in Cairo.

Without doubt and even at the lower weight I was the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been in my career, hitting harder and faster than ever possible.

I was proud to have Kris in my corner during the fight so he could see first hand the amazing results we achieved. I am three times world champ and could not have done it without such a strong and dedicated team to support me.

In my opinion Kris is the best in the business.


Jeff Lawson – The Ultimate Fighter Contender


As an MMA fighter, the training I have to do is gruelling to say the least and it becomes harder and harder to challenge myself within each workout.

Working with Kris Cann towards my goal has pushed my conditioning throught he roof also to add he is professional trainer who utilises innovative and proven training methods.

After our last 6 week plan I felt like I could fight for ten 5 minute rounds. He makes fighting easy!

I am fitter now at 30 than I ever was in my younger years.

John Orchard – 3 x World Middle Weight Kickboxing Champion


I trained with Kris in the build up to my last fight against the current European professional champion.

The fight was at 2 weight categories heavier than I normally fight and Kris helped me to gain muscle weight with specific weights programmes over an 8 week period.

I found him very knowledgeable and he helped me reach the weight easily with effective routines.

I would recommend Kris for general fitness training or for anyone who needs sport specific training. Kris is friendly, highly motivated and has helped me win fights at a heavier weight.

Chelsea White – Model


I get great results working with Kris.

I’m leaner firmer and more toned, we’ve achieved my goals already – Kris still puts me through my paces though and is on the phone if I go for too long without training.

Training with Kris is hard but its paid off as I’m in fantastic shape.

I would recommend Kris to anyone for good and fast results.

Kevin Wood


After 10 years living the Californian lifestyle, healthy food, gym 3 or 4 times a week, I returned to the UK on a business venture. Once here, high on my priorities was continuing my healthy lifestyle … that’s how I met Kris.

I decided to give personal training a shot and within weeks was pleasantly surprised with the results. I had always been pretty trim but was never able to gain muscle tone, yet within 6 weeks of Kris’s training I noticed a marked improvement in muscle size tone and had reduced my body fat. On a recent beach vacation all my friends were amazed at the difference.

Kris has taught me there is real skill in maximising your training, both with working out and with eating. Kris is a great trainer and comes highly recommended.

Scott Pooley – Shock n Awe British Featherweight Champion 2010


The level of opponent I’m fighting in has risen significantly in my last 2 bouts – to match this I knew I needed to step up my training big time. I had heard really good things about a local strength and conditioning coach who was getting excellent results with other fighters and thought I’d approach Kris Cann. As soon as I spoke to him, Kris showed knowledge, enthusiasm and worked out what physical skills I would need to beat my opponent. After that he worked out a 6 week programme with exercises that would simulate the skills I needed to win. Kris was dedicated and really wanted me to win; he pushed me to my limits and beyond. Nearing the end of my programme I had never felt fitter or more confident going into a fight. I went on to achieve my goal of beating a far more experienced opponent – Trevor Birmingham to win the Shock n Awe British featherweight title.

Other than a great fitness coach Kris helped me with my mental state by getting me motivated and visualising exactly how I wanted the fight to go. I will continue to have Kris as a big part of my training camp for future fights and would recommend Kris to any fighter who wants to take there game to a whole new level!!
Thanks Kris.

Martine Williams

2 ½ years ago I felt unfit, unhealthy and could not allow myself to get any bigger; it affected my confidence and my lifestyle had to change. I was introduced to Kris who gave me an in-depth assessment, designed individual training programmes covering all aspects of fitness and giving advice on healthy eating, at last could see light at the end of the tunnel.

Within a year I’d lost 3 stone and although not quite Demi Moore felt fantastic, booked a holiday and bought lots of new smaller bikinis.

Kris is a fantastic trainer, professional, knowledgeable and knows how to encourage, motivate and challenge you to achieve your goals, not only have I lost weight, feel fitter and healthier than ever, Kris has also helped me to build my self esteem. What more do I need to say ….. an amazing person, Thank you.

Anne Hughes

3 years ago I struggled to walk without getting out of breath, let alone play football with the children I care for at work. My confidence was low and I felt generally unfit and unhealthy.

With Kris’s support and encouragement I have transformed my lifestyle. I’ve lost 7 stone and have an understanding of the importance of correct exercise techniques for training safely and effectively as well as healthy eating.

Kris has taught me to believe that cant is not an option; instead I haven’t done it yet but that I will and can do it! I could not have achieved this without his guidance and support.

Sean Dodd, 2010


I am lazy. I procrastinate – A lot. So when I said I was going to climb Kilimanjaro for charity I received lots of blank expressions, a few laughs and a handful of patronising comments. However, a close friend of mine put me in touch with Kris and paid for my first few sessions, (yes, they guilt-ed me into it.) I met Kris and straight away I was comfortable with him and after the first few sessions I felt the benefit. He drew up programs, encouraged me, did a dietary requirements sheet for me, as well as having his nutritionist research food requirements for “Kili” itself. He also followed up that I was training on my own, I was shocked how much i enjoyed the training and I missed it if I didn’t do any. On the 10th of the 10th at 10am U.K time i summit-ed the peak of Kilimanjaro and nothing can ever beat that feeling. I made it – thanks to Kris and all his hard work, and I have to say I have now caught the training bug and am running a lot more as well as weight training on a regular basis. Thanks to Kris (and his folks) who also sponsored me to complete the trek, but they maybe sad to hear I am looking at my next adventure and will definitely be using Kris to help me with that! Thanks again Kris, your a star!

Phil Hamilton-Brown, October 2010

I can’t tell you how much my body changed after I started training with Kris. I had been working out for years on my own but never seemed to get my body to look the way I wanted – no matter how much I worked out! Kris changed all that for me. My muscles and body took on a whole new shape and I am finally happy with the way I look. Kris is so professional, got me fast results and it was cool to train in a private gym.

Di Pestell, November 2010

I have been keen on sport and fitness for more years than I care to remember, starting off at school playing competitive tennis, then badminton, always been a keen swimmer but when the kids came along had to adapt my schedule to fit in with their demands plus the necessity to work.

I joined a gym and started aerobics classes and dabbled in any other class which I could fit in with the busy working mother regime!

I was very aware that after training for many years I should be varying my programme and thought Personal Training would help me do that and give me renewed enthusiasm.

I started with Kris 5 years ago. I had a recurring shoulder dislocation injury which left me lacking in confidence in certain areas of my training. Kris gave me a series of exercises to build up the muscle area and, with his encouragement, I now very rarely think about the injury and actually can’t believe the sort of exercises I am now capable of doing.

We have put in a lot of work developing core stability which has paid off tremendously as, after years of sending the kids off on skiing holidays, I have now taken it up myself. It has also helped me to improve all aspects of any training I do from spinning and swimming to running and resistance training.

I am not a natural runner but set myself the challenge of firstly entering a 10k and then moving that up a notch to run a Half Marathon along with 14, 500 other runners. Again, Kris’s whole conditioning programme, combined with a gradual running training regime, resulted in a massive improvement in my stamina level and gave me the belief that I could actually cross the finishing line . . . which I did achieving 11th place in my ‘mature’ age category !

When I go in for my training session, I sometimes feel really drained after a challenging day at work and wonder where my energy levels will come from! But I always come away feeling motivated, I know I’ve had a great work out and I feel good about myself . . . and, most importantly, I’ve had a great time ! Honestly!