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Fuel Puff Female Z Love Tale Part13

Fuel Puff Female Z Love Tale Part13

I’m Adlin Adriana. This website isn’t far but it is simply for brand new ppfgz partners. since the you see i’m crazy about ppg so enjoy.

Powerpuff lady Z Area:fourteen

Momoko. Well, it’s been 5 months me and the girls dated the boys and school nearly over . I can already smell the fresh air of the beach. Kauro:Hey, Momoko are you daydreaming again? Momoko : Well, I just can’t wait for summer. Miyako: Well where you wanna go on this summer vacation. Are you doing it with Zeke? I paused and smiled when Miyako said Zeke name. Momoko: Well, I don’t know but all I know is we’ll be busy anyway with these hero stuff. Well I know we have to say Townsville but I’m tired, I think I wanna stop being a hero and live with my own normal human life because I missed being normal humans. Miyako: But you are Momoko! Momoko: Half of it. I’m half hero and half human. Sometime I feel like our body is always been control by our super powers not by our brain. Kauro: But don’t you realize ? If we weren’t heroes from the first place we wont meet each other and we’ll wont meet professor, ken, pucci and even the boys. Momoko: Yeah, well. I miss being innocent Momoko who doesn’t like to hurt people. Miyako: Just think the bright spot don’t think the dark one. Well Miyako is right , I have to follow her example positive in everything and negative to nothing.

I went to my locker and pick out my books and look at the schedule for the next class. Zeke: HEY! MOMOKO! I notice someone called me and it was the love of my life. Momoko: Zeke! He ran to me. I love him , he was always there for me . Zeke: sorry internet sites stop.


Kayuko: Kauro!Kauro! Kauro are packing the girl handbags in her locker than just she face in reverse whenever she noticed Kayuko. Kayuko : I’m pleased I came across you here. Kauro : As to the reasons? What’s the number? How it happened? Kayuko: You ought to follow me personally today. Kauro was mislead but Kayuko drawn her hand and brang the woman in order to a place.

Kauro : Impress , this really is set can be so cool which have clean air it is beautiful . I never knew we are able to come across a place similar to this. Kayuko: I know . We emerged here informal. Urmmm. Kauro . There’s something i need to ask you to answer.Kauro: What exactly is it? Kayuko : You will find recognized you best Kauro and i geuss here is the most readily useful time. Kauro: Meaning? Kayuko : Are you presently my grilfriend? Kauro had confused anywhere between Kayuko and Zero.

No delivered plant life and you can delicious chocolate. No : I am unable to find Kauro anyplace? A man move across your and you may Zero hold his sleeve.Zero: You seen Kauro? He: Zero however, I noticed Kayuko provide a woman on the roof. No : Rooftop? Oh , thank you. The guy rather than a phrase. No ran toward roof and you will watched Kauro and Kayuko. Kauro : Kayuko have you been sure me as your spouse? Kayuko:Yes. Zero: Kauro! Kauro noticed No . Kauro:No? Zero: I might never be the best guy however, excite render me an extra possibility I pledge We will not harm you once again however, we merely can prove for you my personal love which have terms . Everyone loves Your. Kauro: Zero. Kauro sighed. No : Sorry if you like more than you to definitely however, i am unable to that is the only real i can render. Kauro : Kayuko I’m very sorry but I. Kayuko : Don’t get worried I cannot push however, I will usually wait a little for your. Kauro went to capture Zero.

Zero looked down and believed to himself. Maybe I am not saying the main one he told you. Kauro:No. No face backwards and you may spotted Kauro . No : Karuo? Kauro gave him a hug while the same thing happened they connect it. No : Sorry We slaped your. Kauro : Sorry I broke up with your for the tempers. Zero chuckled Zero: OH,YEAH! Right here some chocolates and you will vegetation but the plant life i bought her or him away from an inexpensive put disappointed. Kauro: The low priced No but your expenscive in my experience. Kauro hugged him and you may gave him good kissed.

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