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Fat Loss Bournemouth 7 Hot Tips

 Fat loss Bournemouth – 7 really simple trim down tips

So with the last week of January rapidly approaching and more people than I can ever remember still working hard on getting fit and staying fit, I thought now was a good time to give away a few tips to make sure that fat loss Bournemouth keeps happening.

  1. Drink only water *one exception – see number 2* The jury is out on exactly how much water we actually need and whether or not it actually leads to weight loss just by drinking it. Here are two very good reasons that I 95% of my life only drink water; it provides a calorie free way of staying hydrated, and despite what any research would have you believe is what we were provided by the planet to drink (aside from mothers milk, but we would all look a bit ridiculous trying to suckle every 5 mins in the office wouldn’t we)!? Drinking plenty of water keeps you feeling full. If you regularly overeat try a pint of water 10 mins before a meal and see how you get on.
  2. If you exercise in the morning, coffee or green tea is the perfect pre-workout drink. There is a wider research base supporting coffee as a ergogenic (performance enhancing) aid, but currently green tea is being studied and may be found to rival coffee. As well as providing an exercise stimulus caffeine is shown to improve fat oxidation – or make fat more readily available for energy to fuel your workout. When you lose fat the majority of it is removed slowly though exhalation, with other small losses coming through urination, defecation and perspiration. Caffeine helps mobilise fat for use as energy. But Read point 3 before you order a triple espresso with lunch.
  3. Don’t drink caffeine after exercise! To cut a long story short – after exercise you want your body to be in a state of recovery to maximise the gains you take from each session. Caffeine stimulates the release of cortisol which. in excess inhibits muscle repair and causes excess abdominal fat storage. Avoid caffeine if you are some one who is under a lot of stress. Too much caffeine combined with too much stress can have far more serious health implications issues than a flabby tummy, so try to keep stress levels controllable and caffeine to the early morning where possible. For the record there is plenty of research for and against decaff coffee, my advice – use the real thing but in sensible quantities and at the right times.
  4. Eat more green vegetables that grow above the ground and less that grow below it. You have heard of the glycemic index (GI)? GI is a rating system of foods that contain carbohydrate. High GI foods provide very quickly usable energy, where as lower GI foods provide energy for longer. All veggies that are leafy and grow above the ground are low GI and break down slowly, they help you to feel fuller for longer. I am not saying don’t eat below the ground vegetables such as potatoes and carrots as they have their place and provide nutrients and usable energy if you need it, just watch the amount you eat unless you are off out to do some endurance training.
  5. Eat more protein. If you are exercising you will be causing your muscles to breakdown a little from the exercise stress they are getting (this is normal). Eating meat, poultry, fish, eggs and pulses provides vital proteins that give your muscles the nutrients they need to repair, grow or tone and get stronger for your next session. Protein also helps you feel full for longer.
  6. Breathe deeply – so you read above that fat is expelled from the body mainly by breathing out. What about trying this – deep abdominal breathing techniques are suggested to increase fat burning – only by a small percentage, but every little helps right? Deep abdominal breathing will utilise the abdominal muscles and other accessory breathing muscles meaning that when you lose the layer of fat covering them, you may already find a hint of toned six pack underneath.
  7. Try coconut oil or MCT oil. Both of these have been shown to aid in fat oxidation and weight loss. They are also reported to reduce hunger and belly fat, as well as improving blood cholesterol and brain function.

These seven easy to follow tips are simple, effective, have been used by me and my clients for many years and are backed up by academic research.

Don’t forget that as well as losing fat through eating and drinking better, exercise gaining lean muscle and working the heart and lungs plays a huge role in developing the sort of body you want for summers on Bournemouth beach. If it’s time you got some professional help, I have just a few daytime spaces left – so try and bag one or grab a place on one of my awesome exercise classes.  http://www.kriscannpersonaltraining.co.uk/contact/


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