"I have always kind of trained all my life, but with taking the lead for this movie (Deadman Running) I had to be muscular and look fit enough to smash through brick walls. I've never done anything as intense as when I trained with Kris Cann - "the man" got me in shape in 6 weeks no question". Tamar Hassan - Hollywood and UK actor

You Cann Fitness Challenge

My day started with some fitness testing on two of my You Cann challenge group members, the rest of the group took their tests on Friday and the results were pretty outstanding.

Ultra marathon trail runner – Kris D managed to build 2 kg of muscle, whilst maintaining and developing his running fitness. Kris took a huge 5.4 seconds off his 300m row time and added 20 kilos to his bench press and squat personal bests, he reported that as well as the physical improvements he had made, that he has enjoyed resistance and cross training as well as noticing a big improvement in his well-being.

Rob B has already posted up his impressive results in 4.5 weeks for the world to see on Facebook – Rob has smashed the programme so far and after a brief break will hopefully be back to finish in style. See Rob’s results so far below

Matt M signed up for 5 weeks of 8 knowing he was heading off on a 3 week holiday, Matt has lost exactly 1 stone has bigger biceps, improved his bench press by 15kg, lost 3% in body fat and made big gains in his muscular endurance. He also recorded big drops in resting heart rate and blood pressure – in only 5 weeks.

The You Cann Fitness Challenge – works you hard in a progressive way – yes its hard – but the results are worth it.

The next short course starts in Bournemouth in Early December – if you can be bothered to make a difference – YOU CANN – email or call me 07980743780 – kris@kriscann.com

Rob beforerob 4.5 weeks


I’m  heading back to work this afternoon and ready for strength training with the Smith family, then my Monday night boxing and strength classes followed by another strength training session with Mike G, who is looking to muscle up again after finishing his 3 peaks challenge and raising thousands for Ewings Sarcoma (cancer) research.

November is an awesome time to start your fitness campaign and if you book in for two day time PT sessions before 1800 on 14/11 you can get two sessions for £50.

Get in touch and kick start your training programme today



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