"I have always kind of trained all my life, but with taking the lead for this movie (Deadman Running) I had to be muscular and look fit enough to smash through brick walls. I've never done anything as intense as when I trained with Kris Cann - "the man" got me in shape in 6 weeks no question". Tamar Hassan - Hollywood and UK actor

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New Year Fitness Success; insider Top Tips



New Year Fitness Success; Insider Top Tipsshutterstock_279832118

It’s a new year – does that mean its time for a NEW YOU?
The secret to shaping up for 2016 is simple – GET YOURSELF INSPIRED

If you are from my generation – guys – you are probably still looking for a body like Brad Pitt in that famous photo from fight club – ladies – it’s probably Gisele or someone similarly stunning. If you are from a slightly younger generation you are more likely aspiring to look like Kayla Itsines, Emily Skye, Gigi Hadid or Ellie Gonsalves, or The Rock, Nick Bateman or David Macintosh. Whoever it is that has the body you want – be aware that yes they do probably have some good genes, but for sure they have to sacrifice treats and train hard to stay on top of their game. The take home message here is give it a go for a decent length of time and see what you can really achieve!

Is it a look you are after or is it a tangible challenge goal you need to reach? Think about it…

I know so many people who wear the excuses they make for not making the gym, the run, the swim, the boxing class – whatever it is, if you keep missing it over and over again you will never reap the benefits, never conquer the challenge – you will never get the body you want and you will never get the rewarding feeling that comes from sticking to your guns and doing what you say you will. Make my year – be different, make 2016 a year for YOUR fitness success.

Here are a few pointers to help you get set up for a truly awesome 2016:
1) Make a change to get a change. If you want to change don’t kid yourself – out with the old, in with the new.
Decide what’s worth you making changes in your life – do you want to lose weight, get fit, look sexy in a bikini, impress the girls in your budgie smugglers, complete a physical challenge event, or become a champion sports person? – whatever floats your boat is cool – whatever it is, just believe that you can make it and nothing will stop you.
Here are a few reasons why people succeed – read them, digest them, and act upon them:
• The goal is so important, so consuming, so inspiring that failure is no option
• They never quit, but they aren’t afraid to make adjustments on the way
• They make plans in line with the desired outcome
• They never make the same excuse twice
• They understand that results made in a week won’t last a lifetime

2) Plan your exercise into your regular weekly routine, decide how many sessions each week you need and how long those sessions need to be. Planning creates you time, avoids double booking and gives you less opportunity to make excuses. Check out my example exercise plan template on my Facebook page KCPT Facebook and don’t forget to hit the like button for tips and hints while you are there. If planning isn’t your thing you can always get help – I am available to give you an exercise planning consultation – 1 hour planning sessions cost £42.5 and you will get a solid baseline plan of what you need to do – when, why, and how – take the guess work out of your 2016 fitness – book a planning session today – perfect if you are motivated to exercise but just need to channel your efforts.
3) Get excited about exercising. Don’t include exercise you truly hate in your regime (unless you are the type of person who needs to master the things you hate). Find something you enjoy – go dancing, try golf minus the buggy, boxing or kickboxing (seriously, practically everyone loves the stress relief you get from hitting a pad or a bag), go climbing, get a dog, hire a trainer, buy a bike, get romantic – there are thousands of exercise options – don’t knock an exercise until you have tried it.
4) Ditch processed foods wherever possible – fresh foods are more nutritious and healthier for you – full stop no arguments. We all know by now that above moderate consumption of processed foods are being cited as highly likely to be responsible for many modern physical illnesses BUT did you know the refined fats in processed food are allegedly stripped of fatty acids and can affect blood sugar levels leading to memory loss, mood swings and possibly even depression. Stay happy and do your waistline a favour – steer well clear of processed foods.

5) Bin all fizzy drinks, juices and bottled smoothies – even sports drinks – unless you are exercising hard for over 45 minutes and you still have to keep going you just don’t need them. Drinks like Cola should only be drunk very rarely – I’m talking monthly or less – SAVE YOURSELF THE EXTRA CALORIES – water is where it’s at for health and weight loss. Sugar in drinks adds to your daily calories and excessive consumption will not help you get slim. Apart from the obesity link to fizzy drink consumption, here are 3 reasons you should be binning the pop:

DSC_0139According to university studies drinking 2 fizzy drinks a day can:

  • Impair your taste, dulling your perception of flavours and making you crave sweeter, spicier or saltier foods in order to be able to taste them
  • They can make you look older – research suggests that long term fizzy drink consumption can impair cell generation and repair
  • 2 Colas a day is reported to reduce your bone mineral density, which may lead to increased risk of injury, and Osteo health conditions

Everyone already knows this too but booze is not only bad for our health if consumed regularly in excess, but it also massively contributes to weight gain so be sensible with your drinking – I have to practice what I preach though – I enjoy a drink to unwind sometimes so I can’t tell you you must not drink when I do – keep an eye on your alcohol though.


6) Geteatlikethetrainer-02 into food – try following some form of healthy eating regime – I have a healthy eating page on Facebook Eat Like the Trainer, check it out and like the page if you’re interested. There are literally hundreds of easy meal ideas featured, which I use to help me train and get in the shape I am in today. I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen but eating fresh food wherever you can will help you get in shape and be healthy for life. Check it out for simple, quick, tasty eats.


7) Believe in yourself – you haven’t made it yet but you are on the way, mini blips and setbacks happen – make them brief, accept them for what they are, don’t dwell on them. CAN YOU GROW IN CONFIDENCE? It all comes down to how you use your brain – we all have a tiny voice somewhere deep in our mind – believe it or not you have control over that voice. If you lack the confidence to see things through you need to convince your inner self of two things – one that the thing you are setting out to achieve is worth finishing and two that you can actually do it. Try this as your new motto for 2016 – I CAN. If you don’t someone else will.

Get started, keep the process going and the progress will follow.

These tips have helped me get on the straight and narrow in terms of getting and staying in shape, and whilst I have had and will always have dietary blips and miss training sessions I have the over-riding principles right and revert to doing the right things the majority of the time.

I hope that sharing these ideas with you will help you get in shape for 2016 – if you like what you see, hit me up for training – I have 1-2-1 sessions that are bespoke and give you gold standard personal training, and fitness courses that take you on a fitness journey progressively building in intensity and helping you achieve lasting results. I also teach boxing and kickboxing classes and am available for hire to help plan training schedules for sporting performance events.

Head over to my contacts page to get in touch or give me a call on 07980743780. Get inspired today.

Check out my next blog featuring my 5 favourite abdominal exercises – it will get you thinking outside the box and working on a super 6 pack this year.

Losing Weight in Bournemouth

 Losing Weight in Bournemouth – 7 Easy Tips



The above pictures show some results for a couple of my clients last year, just 3 months of eating well and exercising can make a massive difference. Follow my blog and tips and you could soon be posting up your own awesome results.


My last blog gave you seven tips for losing fat, and to help you out a bit more, below are seven simple tips to help you with losing weight in Bournemouth and Poole this year. 


1. Remove temptation – unless you are super determined and have the will power of a Tibetan monk, getting rid of anything in your house that is going to throw you off course is going to be a massive help. Out of sight out of mind – if it’s not in the house you have to go out and get whatever treat it is you are craving, making it more difficult to cheat.


2. Eliminate fizzy drinks (including diet options), shop bought juices and sports drinks. You are drinking extra calories and often artificial nutrients. These drinks also often contain sugars that are linked toward fat storage. If you want to learn more check out Dr Robert Lustig’s documentary on YouTube “Sugar the bitter truth”. Drink water nothing else and help to tip the scales in your favour.

photo 2 (5)


3. Don’t starve by more than 500 calories under what you need  – I have helped so many clients lose weight in Bournemouth over the last 15 years and one of the most common observations I have made is that when people eat too little food they often don’t actually lose any weight. Overly restrictive diets simply do not work long-term. Find out your adjusted basal metabolic rate(just Google BMR calculator) – the amount of calories you need to survive and function for your normal daily routine. Make sure you include all exercise and activity – the calculator usually asks for low, moderate, high or very high – be honest – this number will help you to really lose weight in the long-term. You should aim to lose 1 KG or approximately 2 lbs each week.


4. Always eat breakfast – the people who “can’t stomach breakfast” are often the people who have a big stomach, it’s true there is plenty of research out there providing evidence that people who skip breakfast are often overweight. This could be due to eating later in the day slowing the metabolic rate through lack of food energy, it could be due to making poor choices mid morning when you are at work, running late or feeling stressed out. Eat breakfast but avoid eating highly sugared and sweetened cereals – if cereal is your thing go for whole grain.

photo 1 (4) 


5. Exercise – this one sounds obvious and whilst it is from a calorie burning point of view, but there are other benefits. People who take regular exercise will have a faster metabolic rate vs people who do not, meaning that controlling weight is much easier if you exercise.  A less obvious benefit highlighted by Dr Robert Lustig, suggests that after exercise we are less likely to reach for comfort food as the happy hormone release caused by exercise reduces our stress hormones making impulse I’m stressed I’m going to have a Snickers type behavior less likely. Personally I know that on days when I train I am far less likely to make poor food choices than I am on days when I don’t exercise.



6. Plan your weekly meals and cook real food – The NHS Choices website reviews 10 popular diets giving pro’s and con’s for each. Check it out before you start a new diet. http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/loseweight/Pages/top-10-most-popular-diets-review.aspx 


7. Stick to your plan – the biggest reason people fail on diets is that the calorie restrictions and limitations of the diet they have chosen are unrealistic – the truth is to lose weight will take time but the positive is that time passes very quickly. Using the lose 1 kg a week plan you should be aiming to drop two stone in around 11 to 12 weeks – that’s a huge change in only a 3 months. Be patient – some times it will take three or four weeks before you see much change. The chances are that if you are carrying too much weight by more than around two stone, that it may take a while for your body and metabolism to adjust. Be strong stick to your guns and you will end up lighter.


Look out for more of my blogs to help you along the way with your fitness goals. Whatever you choose to do with regard to eating, whichever diet you pick – make sure it is healthy and provides you with nutrients you need. Losing, becoming and maintaining your ideal weight is not just for January it is for life, long-term change needs long term changes.


If you missed last months blog there are seven great fat loss tips that will help you with your weight loss quest. http://www.kriscannpersonaltraining.co.uk/fat-loss-bournemouth/


That’s me over and out – until next time – stay fit, healthy and make your goals happen. 



Fat Loss Bournemouth 7 Hot Tips

 Fat loss Bournemouth – 7 really simple trim down tips

So with the last week of January rapidly approaching and more people than I can ever remember still working hard on getting fit and staying fit, I thought now was a good time to give away a few tips to make sure that fat loss Bournemouth keeps happening.

  1. Drink only water *one exception – see number 2* The jury is out on exactly how much water we actually need and whether or not it actually leads to weight loss just by drinking it. Here are two very good reasons that I 95% of my life only drink water; it provides a calorie free way of staying hydrated, and despite what any research would have you believe is what we were provided by the planet to drink (aside from mothers milk, but we would all look a bit ridiculous trying to suckle every 5 mins in the office wouldn’t we)!? Drinking plenty of water keeps you feeling full. If you regularly overeat try a pint of water 10 mins before a meal and see how you get on.
  2. If you exercise in the morning, coffee or green tea is the perfect pre-workout drink. There is a wider research base supporting coffee as a ergogenic (performance enhancing) aid, but currently green tea is being studied and may be found to rival coffee. As well as providing an exercise stimulus caffeine is shown to improve fat oxidation – or make fat more readily available for energy to fuel your workout. When you lose fat the majority of it is removed slowly though exhalation, with other small losses coming through urination, defecation and perspiration. Caffeine helps mobilise fat for use as energy. But Read point 3 before you order a triple espresso with lunch.
  3. Don’t drink caffeine after exercise! To cut a long story short – after exercise you want your body to be in a state of recovery to maximise the gains you take from each session. Caffeine stimulates the release of cortisol which. in excess inhibits muscle repair and causes excess abdominal fat storage. Avoid caffeine if you are some one who is under a lot of stress. Too much caffeine combined with too much stress can have far more serious health implications issues than a flabby tummy, so try to keep stress levels controllable and caffeine to the early morning where possible. For the record there is plenty of research for and against decaff coffee, my advice – use the real thing but in sensible quantities and at the right times.
  4. Eat more green vegetables that grow above the ground and less that grow below it. You have heard of the glycemic index (GI)? GI is a rating system of foods that contain carbohydrate. High GI foods provide very quickly usable energy, where as lower GI foods provide energy for longer. All veggies that are leafy and grow above the ground are low GI and break down slowly, they help you to feel fuller for longer. I am not saying don’t eat below the ground vegetables such as potatoes and carrots as they have their place and provide nutrients and usable energy if you need it, just watch the amount you eat unless you are off out to do some endurance training.
  5. Eat more protein. If you are exercising you will be causing your muscles to breakdown a little from the exercise stress they are getting (this is normal). Eating meat, poultry, fish, eggs and pulses provides vital proteins that give your muscles the nutrients they need to repair, grow or tone and get stronger for your next session. Protein also helps you feel full for longer.
  6. Breathe deeply – so you read above that fat is expelled from the body mainly by breathing out. What about trying this – deep abdominal breathing techniques are suggested to increase fat burning – only by a small percentage, but every little helps right? Deep abdominal breathing will utilise the abdominal muscles and other accessory breathing muscles meaning that when you lose the layer of fat covering them, you may already find a hint of toned six pack underneath.
  7. Try coconut oil or MCT oil. Both of these have been shown to aid in fat oxidation and weight loss. They are also reported to reduce hunger and belly fat, as well as improving blood cholesterol and brain function.

These seven easy to follow tips are simple, effective, have been used by me and my clients for many years and are backed up by academic research.

Don’t forget that as well as losing fat through eating and drinking better, exercise gaining lean muscle and working the heart and lungs plays a huge role in developing the sort of body you want for summers on Bournemouth beach. If it’s time you got some professional help, I have just a few daytime spaces left – so try and bag one or grab a place on one of my awesome exercise classes.  http://www.kriscannpersonaltraining.co.uk/contact/


Bournemouth’s January Bootcamp

If you are reading this then along with the rest of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and probably the rest of the UK, you have had enough of the indulgence fest that was December and the post Xmas blues are being replaced with a hopeful – “this year I really am going to get in shape” attitude. People are returning to the gym in big numbers all with new goals, hopes and aims for the coming year. My clients range from those who need to be fit and active to improve their health to others who have to be fit to conquer outrageous sporting challenges. I am lucky enough to work with an awesome range of people, young, old, healthy or not so healthy, fit and not so fit, with some really diverse aims. It really doesn’t matter what level you are at what matters is that you are ready to give it your all, if you want it bad enough UCANN make it happen. Personal and small group training is of course the gold standard in getting big results, but for 2015 my aim is to bring the style of exercise training I have developed over the last 15 years to more people than ever. This aim has led me to create and launch a sister brand to KCPT – UCANN Fitness, my take on how fitness classes should be done.  To kick off proceedings I have a secured a new venue, the prestigious Talbot Heath School’s gym a beautiful 1930’s wooden gymnasium. For beginners, intermediate and even more advanced exercisers, I’m teaching HIITCAMP a fusion class of boxing, kickboxing and resistance training exercises with a high intensity interval training twist. The first class at Talbot Heath is free all you have to do is drop me an email or phone and book your free place. If 2015 is the year you get fit then I can help you find training solution that works – 07980743780/kris@kriscann.com to book classes and personal training sessions. Get in touch and get one step closer to your goals.



Talbot Heath HIITCAMP is £8 per session pay as you go or £40 for a block of 6 sessions. Friendly people, getting fit and having fun.  We look forward to seeing you soon.



Bournemouth – New Year Fitness

Happy New Year – If you have trained with me in 2014 – thanks for picking me as your trainer, I have witnessed some amazing transformations and efforts over the last year, helped people win, become more confident, look better, eat better, battle illnesses and raise bucket loads of money for a plethora of worthy charities and good causes.

In 2015, I have a whole range of new classes coming up to help old and new clients become fitter and healthier than ever, so if you are ready to kick start your fitness regime, I have 15 years of experience, knowledge, skills and tricks to get get you in the shape that you deserve. Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned pro – I can help you make a tangible difference. Give me a call on 07980743780 to discuss setting up your fitness packages in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch today.

I can’t wait to get you started on your awesome 2015 Fitness Journey. See you soon.




Advent Calender Fun

Purely as a bit of pre Christmas fun – why don’t you join me for a 30 second workout when you open your advent calender each day. It won’t completely burn off all the calories you gain from each chocolate but it will do something to stimulate your metabolism and get you doing a little something each day. Do whatever YOU CANN, whenever YOU CANN and reap the benefits of being more active and doing something to keep your body’s fat stores rivaling those of Mr Claus. HAVE A HAPPY DECEMBER.

Advent calender day 1


With a little effort, big results can be achieved  – my advent calender workout gives you affordable exercise training to get you on track for your fittest new year ever. Break the mould, beat the new year fitness rush and give yourself (and your wife/girlfriend or partner) the most awesome early Xmas present money can buy, a fitter healthier new body. It will be the best £100 you will spend this Xmas time. Robbo in the pics below got awesome results and YOU CANN too. 7.15am till 8 – 8.15am every week day from the 1st to the 24th of December. Message or phone (kris@kriscann.com or 07980743780) and book your best Xmas present ever.


rob 4.5 weeksXTRob before


Eating smart and boxing clever

Whatever your exercise goals, sensible eating is an easy way to enhance your progress, aid muscle repair and fuel your body for enjoyable training. There are numerous nutritional strategies, diet plans, fasting methods to choose from many of them are effective – for a while at least.

Eating smart for me means wherever possible eating real home cooked/prepared food that is of the highest quality I can afford, limiting sugar (and if you have to use it, use less and go for unrefined) and using a good quality sea salt – never table salt. After reading a Jamie Oliver book I found my local butcher, who has great deals on free range, naturally fed, organic meats and poultry  – I spend less £’s than I did on supermarket meat and it’s better quality by a mile and I know where it came from. Try seasonal receipes particularly those involving above the ground growing leafy green veggies, I found four awesome kale receipes in the magazine pull out of my Sunday paper, keep your eyes peeled.

Like exercise if you do the same routine repeatedly your body and mind get bored and  become unresponsive – eating the same thing over and over again doesn’t give your body any new nutrients and it is highly likely you could be missing something that your body needs – mix it up a bit. I go organic wherever possible and I will discuss this more in my up coming smart eating seminar – EAT LIKE THE TRAINER launching in early January to set you up for a healthy 2015 – the first 5 places will be free so register your interest NOW.

On a different note my Tuesday boxing and strength classes were a lot of fun last night with the boxing boys refreshing some skills on the pads before testing them out on each other with some well controlled light sparring.

Tuesday night boxing

Men’s strength training was extra tough as I led the guys through a quad set of exercises (4 exercises no rest), one of the best sessions I can remember for a while and every went home ready for a well earned kip.

There are limited spaces available for my boxing and strength classes but if you want to join a friendly group of professional guys and to learn new skills and get lifting properly then contact me and get involved.

Till next time – Hit the fitness – Kris

You Cann Fitness Challenge

My day started with some fitness testing on two of my You Cann challenge group members, the rest of the group took their tests on Friday and the results were pretty outstanding.

Ultra marathon trail runner – Kris D managed to build 2 kg of muscle, whilst maintaining and developing his running fitness. Kris took a huge 5.4 seconds off his 300m row time and added 20 kilos to his bench press and squat personal bests, he reported that as well as the physical improvements he had made, that he has enjoyed resistance and cross training as well as noticing a big improvement in his well-being.

Rob B has already posted up his impressive results in 4.5 weeks for the world to see on Facebook – Rob has smashed the programme so far and after a brief break will hopefully be back to finish in style. See Rob’s results so far below

Matt M signed up for 5 weeks of 8 knowing he was heading off on a 3 week holiday, Matt has lost exactly 1 stone has bigger biceps, improved his bench press by 15kg, lost 3% in body fat and made big gains in his muscular endurance. He also recorded big drops in resting heart rate and blood pressure – in only 5 weeks.

The You Cann Fitness Challenge – works you hard in a progressive way – yes its hard – but the results are worth it.

The next short course starts in Bournemouth in Early December – if you can be bothered to make a difference – YOU CANN – email or call me 07980743780 – kris@kriscann.com

Rob beforerob 4.5 weeks


I’m  heading back to work this afternoon and ready for strength training with the Smith family, then my Monday night boxing and strength classes followed by another strength training session with Mike G, who is looking to muscle up again after finishing his 3 peaks challenge and raising thousands for Ewings Sarcoma (cancer) research.

November is an awesome time to start your fitness campaign and if you book in for two day time PT sessions before 1800 on 14/11 you can get two sessions for £50.

Get in touch and kick start your training programme today



Bournemouth Men’s fitness challenge class

After the successful launch of my new men’s eight week fitness class, I am proud to say I have been working with a group of guys who have found the motivation to get out of their nice warm beds and head down to see me at 7:15am.

The gents I am working with range in age between late 20’s to mid 40’s and weigh from 70 to 100 kilograms. They work in different professions and never met before training, but they all share some common goals –  to improve their body composition, their fitness and to enjoy doing it.

In return for dragging themselves to the gym every week day morning the guys who live in Bournemouth, Broadstone, Poole and Southbourne, get high quality, step by step, motivating, fun, exercise training sessions that make hitting a days work a walk in the park. As a group you get your own private online forum, where information is shared about what the best type of foods to eat and when to eat them. The forum also serves as a food diary where pictures of each meal are posted so that I can keep an eye on what is fueling the guys muscles every day.

If you are interested in improving your all round fitness, strength, aerobic and anaerobic fitness and you aren’t scared of a bit of hard work and can get yourself up in the morning, this fitness class has got your name all over it! Unfortunately you are too late to join in with my current cohort – but fear not, I am running a 2 week fat burning blitz from December 8th and a January challenge is also planned. Book your place before November 5th and receive a 10% off early booking bonus.


U Cann men’s fitness challenge guys at the start of week 2